NYGA Dual Shock Joypad for wii and Gamecube

55.00 AED


The Wii U GameCube adapter is now fully compatible with Nintendont! Now we have true backwards compatibility! It is now included in the default controller.

Product Information



Always dreamed of using your GameCube controller with your favorite PC game? Now you can! This Retro link USB controller plugs into any PC or Mac with a USB port, giving you that classic GameCube feel. Whether you’re about to go toe to toe with Koopa or racking up frags on the hottest PC multi-player, now you can go old school with every weapon in your arsenal

  • Analog controller with vibration feedback
  • Eight completely analog action buttons
  • Analog sticks with rubber coating


Additional information

Weight 0.275 kg
Dimensions 76.2 × 152.4 × 127 mm

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