Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate Edition

179.00 AED


Take control of Earthrealm’s protectors in 2 acclaimed, time-bending Story Campaigns as they race to stop.

Product Information



Mortal Kombat 11 showcases every amusing friendship, gory fatality and soul-crushing fatal blow like never before. You’ll be so close to the fight, you can feel it!

Experience 2 robust, critically acclaimed Story Campaigns from MK11 & MK11: Aftermath
Play as the komplete 37-character roster including newly added fighters Mileena, Rain & Rambo
Thousands of skins, weapons & gear for an unprecedented level of fighter customization
Includes all previous guest fighters: Terminator, Joker, Spawn & RoboCop
Every mode including Towers of Time, Krypt, Tutorial, Online, Klassic Towers & more
All Stages, Stage Fatalities, Brutalities, Iconic Fatalities & Friendships.

Additional information

Weight 0.07 kg
Dimensions 14 × 133 × 190 mm

Maturity Rating

Mature 17+



NetherRealm Studios


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