Elex II

279.00 AED


ELEX II returns to the post-apocalyptic Science Fantasy world of Magalan with massive environments that can be explored with unrivaled freedom via jetpack.

Product Information



Explore the planet of Magalan with unprecedented freedom, using your trusted jetpack to traverse the map and even fly!
Interact with a lived-in world, full of unique NPCs, who
Will remember what you’ve done and react accordingly

Will join or leave your group depending on how you behave
Are able to be killed, which will have an effect on the story
Engage in fluid close and ranged combat with a massively improved control system
Experience a story where your actions have consequences, immersing you in a world of moral decisions

Additional information

Weight 0.09 kg
Dimensions 14 × 135 × 170 mm

Maturity Rating

Mature 17+



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