Canyon Screen Cleaning Kit CNR-SCK03

66.00 AED


Screen Cleaning Kit

  • Spry and Micro fiber cloth included
  • Specially formulated eco-friendly spray for your LCD screen, computer,TV and disc.
  • Remove dust and fingerprints without streak, flock and stain.

Product Information



Protect and preserve your LCD, Plasma, DHTV, Glossy and Flat panel screens with Canyon’s cleaning kit CNR-SCK03. The spray’s environmentally friendly and non-toxic formula removes dirt, dust and fingerprints without damaging the protective coating of your screen or irritating your skin.

The kit includes 20ml of cleaning liquid, a micro-fiber polishing cloth to prevent streaking. It comes as standard with a compact carrying case for your convenience. The CMR-SCK03 is ideal for discs, computers, television, iPhones and iPods.

Micro Fiber Cloth Spray Clean, protect and maintain your LCD, Plasma, DHTV flat screen with Canyon’s cleaning kit CNR-SCK03. Set contains 20ml of cleaning liquid, a soft brush and a micro-fiber cloth, which prevents damage.

It comes standard with a compact carrying case for your convenience. CMR-SCK02 is ideal for discs, computers, televisions, iPhones and iPods.

Additional information

Weight 0.135 kg
Dimensions 260.35 × 139.7 × 31.75 mm



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