Life Is Strange

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Set in a fictional town called Arcadia Bay, Oregon, senior student Max Caulfield comes back to town after five years to reunite with her former friend Chloe as they attempt to find out what happened to fellow student Rachel Amber, whose disappearance remains unexplained.

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Life Is Strange

Life Is Strange,  but life is strange, and every attempt to “fix” the past might lead to a more devastating future. Explore Max’s strange powers and the darker side of Arcadia Bay in this episodic adventure where you can rewind time and change the decisions you make. But life is strange, and every attempt to “fix” the past might lead to a more devastating future.

The protagonist is Max, a photography senior who discovers she can manipulate time after rewinding it to save her old best friend, Chloe prince. As Max uses her new ability and gets premonitions of a storm coming to Arcadia Bay,

Photography student Max is back in her hometown of Arcadia Bay for the first time in years. When she saves the life of her old friend Chloe, Max discovers she has a singular gift she can rewind time. Plagued by premonitions of a dark future, Max must learn to understand her power – and the consequences of changing the past.

The harrowing events of Episode 4 leave her captive and grieving, and the series finale capitalizes on her desperation with catastrophic results. Read more

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