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Set to rip apart the First Person Shooter genre with an orgy of bullets and destruction, Bodycount blasts outrageous action and spectacular fire-fights from both barrels.

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The unique gameplay mechanics come in since instead of aiming down sights,

you can half-press the button of the zoom/aiming system so you can walk while zooming in and giving focus,

but walking slowly too, or you can fully press the button to see the mechanics i’m speaking of:

You can peek around corners with this mechanic,

and i’m not sure how to explain it. It’s a mechanic that works pretty well during combat.

The mechanic brings a bit of fresh air into the game and makes it have its own style.

Combat is very satisfying, with any gun you use, shooting enemies will always be satisfying.

The graphics are kind of overall split up, the gun models are highly detailed, with many, MANY details,

which does count aswell when you shoot and the illumination that causes on the weapon model.

Up to this day, it still holds up as one of the most detailed weapon models of all time.

It all starts fighting the militia and normal military stuff with fast-paced combat,

destructible scenario and stuff, to a cyberpunk scenario with fearsome enemies to take down.

Multiplayer is pretty fun but the game shines at best with its single player.

Soundtrack is very good but doesn’t fit the frantic feel of the gameplay and combat.

It’s not an innovative game, but it is a very good game, that is for sure.



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Codemasters Studios Guildford


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