Nes Remix Pack (Nintendo Selects)

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NES Remix Pack is a compilation of two releases of NES Remix, the game that combines all the great Nintendo games into one remixed collection of fast-paced and crazy challenges.

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Nes Remix  Pack

Nes Remix Pack (Nintendo Selects),

presents its challenges in a way that encourages you to improve, with instant restarts,

ample continues and on-screen guides. You can trust NES Remix to present a surmountable task,

even if it doesn’t seem that way at first. How can you possibly make it through a tough, flying-fish-filled level of Super Mario Bros. when you can’t stop running? Learn the level, time your jumps, and when you hit that goal post, you’ll feel like a superhuman speed-runner. Plus, each is outfitted with an Angry Birds-inspired three-star rating to push you to improve your score.

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