Wii fit 5in1 bundle pack

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Wii fit 5in1 bundle pack

Canyon Wii Bundle Kit for Wii Fit (5 in 1)
3m USB charging Cable, Three Layered 5mm Yoga mat, Jelly Sleeve and Travel Bag
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Wii fit 5in1 bundle pack

Wii fit 5in1 bundle pack, The 5 in 1 Fitness Bundle for the Wii Fit is the perfect accessory kit to accommodate any Wii Fit workout session. You will find everything you need to maximize your Wii Fit experience. The Textured Foot Socks provide comfort and extra traction. They are made from high quality cotton and the bottom is made from a strong rubber material. The Travel Bag is ideal for taking the Wii Fit Balance Board on the go. The Travel Bag is made from a strong nylon material, which makes it extremely durable and tough. The Jeli Sleeve is essential for keeping the Wii Fit Balance Board safe and free from dings and scratches.

The Jeli Sleeve fits snugly over the Wii Fit Balance Board. It is made from a rugged rubber material, which not only provides safekeeping, but excellent traction and comfort. The Fitness Mat is perfect for added support and comfort. The Fitness Mat minimizes impact to your flooring and body. Add extra stability when using the Wii Fit Balance Board or use the Fitness Mat by itself when doing yoga and stretching exercises. The Fitness Mat is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This material is extremely durable and will provide years of extended use. The Rechargeable Battery Pack & USB Charging Cable provides the necessary power to keep the Wii Fit Balance Board and maximum strength. A fully charged Battery Pack will provide hours of use at maximum power.es.

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Wii fit 5 in 1 bundle pack

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