Canyon PSP Slim 17in1

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PSP-Slim 17-in-1 Player Kit

This 17-in-one bundle pack offers all the accessories you may need to fully enjoy your Sony PSP.

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It contains a protective case for your portable game console, a docking station, screen protector, cleaning cloth and wrist wrap for safe carrying.

17 high quality items for your PSP™ Slim. Dock Station: With charging function, and video out function. To use the charging function, connect the AC power adapter that came with your PSP™ slim to the AC jack of the dock station and you can charge your PSP™ slim via the dock station. To use the video out function, connect a PSP™ Slim video cable (Cable is not included) to the Dock Station and to your television to watch your movies and play your games on your television screen.

Car Adapter: Connect the car charger to your PSP™ slim DC input. Plug the charger into your cars power outlet. Charging will start automatically. UMD cases (7 pieces): These cases are to store and protect your UMD games and movies. Audio Splitter: Connect to your PSP™ slim headphone input and share your audio. Protective case: This case is for storing and protecting your PSP™ Slim unit. Emergency battery: Place 4 pieces AAA battery inside the battery compartment (batteries are not included). Connect to your PSP™ slim AC adapter input and you will have emergency power available. Headphone: Connect to headphone input of your PSP™ Slim. Power/Data cable: To charge and sync data with your PSP™ Slim, just connect the cable to your PSP™ Slim data port and the other side to your PC USB port. For detailed instructions how to sync your data please refer to your PSP™ Slim instruction manual. Cleaning Cloth: To clean the Screen of your PSP™ Slim cleans dust and fingerprints. Screen protector: Place the screen protector over your PSP™ Slim screen.

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Weight 0.63 kg
Dimensions 342.9 × 317.5 × 76.2 mm
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PSP-Slim 17-in-1 player kit

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PSP Slim



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